Planet XXI Why ?


Chaos and Hope

Le XXIème siècle a débuté et se poursuit avec une complexité d’événements et situations imprévus qui ne font qu’augmenter et se diversifier depuis.

Chaque époque a eu ses propres épreuves : guerres, révolutions, maladies, changements dans la société, mais aussi des succès, des découvertes incroyables, qui ont permis à l’Humanité d’avancer, d’évoluer, de s’épanouir. Les artistes du monde entier sont concernés par la complexité de la société dans laquelle nous vivons, par les épreuves de tous les jours, auxquelles notre monde se confronte. Depuis toujours les artistes ont été à l’avant-garde de la société, des visionnaires, des créateurs et des guérisseurs, car l’art, dans toutes ses formes (arts visuels, musique, théâtre, cinéma, littérature, poésie, etc) est aussi une thérapie de l’âme.


P XXI Why? Chaos and Hope se propose d’être un réceptacle d’idées et de créations qui exprime de façon inédite, spectaculaire, profonde, inventive, une vision de notre siècle pour les siècles à venir.

La profondeur et la sincérité de la démarche des créateurs - sculpteurs, peintres, musiciens, poètes, auteurs, metteurs en scène, compositeurs, écrivains – qui se veulent tous réunis dans un élan commun, pour donner une vision globale, dans l’espoir d’apporter du rêve et de rapprocher les êtres humains.

Le projet est conçu comme une exposition permanente et des manifestations ponctuelles, les oeuvres vont demeurer pour être vues a travers le temps, devenir un témoignage et un apport à l’évolution de la société vers un monde meilleur. “Un monde meilleur” - une phrase - une “belle” phrase qui peut devenir réalité dans un effort commun où les artistes, par leur art et par leur empathie, peuvent donner un coup de pouce, suggérer des idées créatives pour éveiller les consciences.

L’éducation à travers l’art, la curiosité pour la découverte, savoir réinterpréter, chacun a sa façon, la réalité, déchiffrer les symboles, créer une communion d’idées et donner une âme commune à l’humanité. La mission de l’art à travers les créations des artistes contemporains est aussi celle de chercher l’artiste en soi, et aussi d’offrir aux enfants le droit de grandir et d’évoluer dans une société meilleure.


Le Projet va réunir des œuvres inédites inspirées et dédiées à notre société et à ce siècle, le XXIe siècle – Un témoignage spectaculaire et visionnaire du monde contemporain.

The 21st century has started and continues with a complexity of unforeseen events and situations that have only increased and diversified since.


Each era in the history, has had its own trials: wars, revolutions, diseases, changes in society, but also successes, incredible discoveries, that have enabled humanity to advance, evolve and flourish. Artists from around the world are concerned with the complexity of the society in which we live, by the daily ordeals that our world faces. Artists have always been at the forefront of society, visionaries, creators and healers, because art in all its forms (visual arts, music, theater, cinema, literature, poetry, etc.) is also a therapy of the soul.


P XXI Why? Chaos and Hope aims to be a receptacle for ideas and creations that express in a new, spectacular, profound, inventive way, a vision of our century for the centuries to come.

The depth and sincerity of the creators’ approach - sculptors, painters, musicians, poets, authors, directors, composers, writers - who all want to be united in a common impulse, to give a global vision, in the hope allowing dreams and bringing human beings together.

The project is designed as a permanent exhibition and one-off events, the works will remain to be seen over time, becoming a testimony and a contribution to the evolution of society towards a better world. “A better world” - a sentence - a “beautiful” sentence that can become reality in a common effort where artists, through their art and their empathy, can give a helping hand, suggest creative ideas to raise awareness.

Education through art, curiosity for discovery, knowing how to reinterpret, each in its own way, reality, deciphering symbols, creating a communion of ideas and giving a common soul to humanity. The mission of art through the creations of contemporary artists is also to seek the artist in each of us and also to offer children the right to grow and evolve in a better society.


The Project will bring together original works inspired and dedicated to our society and to this century, the XXI century - a spectacular and visionary testimony of the contemporary world.

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Quelques-unes des œuvres présentées ci-dessous dans l'exposition virtuelle PXXI Why? peuvent être acquises au profit du projet Jardin des Arts (Exposition et catalogue "Planet XXI Why?"). Pour tous renseignements contactez-nous >


Some of the artworks presented in the virtual exhibition PXXI Why? can be acquired to benefit the Jardin des Arts project (Exhibition and catalogue "Planet XXI Why?"). For further information please contact us >

Anastasia Grigore (ROUMANIE) - Inure - 2020
Ilinca Šeda (ROUMANIE) - 2 - 2013

The short animation "2" is a graduation film made in 2013. It was projected presented at The Independent Film Festival "Anonimul" and was awarded at The International Animation Festival Anim’est and The International Student Film Festival CineMAiubit (2013). It is a story about a special bird in a world of "normal" others. It speaks about tolerance, kindness, courage and resilience.

Les artistes

The artists of the show Arternativelight #10

Franck Abd-Bakar Fanny (CÔTE D'IVOIRE)

Franck Abd-Bakar Fanny is a self- taught photographer, born on 1970, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. 

He was commissioned in 2003 by MTN Telephone Company for a massive ad campaign involving cityscapes photos in Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Congo. In 2007, he was invited to the Festival des Arts Visuels d’Abidjan and won 1st Prize. A solo exhibition followed at Le LAB Gallery in 2008. Franck has participated in several international exhibitions such as 9/9 curated by the MAM Gallery at Dak’Art 2004, Musée de l’IFAN. He was one of the 4 artists selected for the first Ivorian Pavilion at the Biennale di Venezia, Italy, in 2013, where these pictures were shown. That same year Franck was present for the 1.54 African Contemporary Art Fair in London. 

Franck also took part in the travelling exhibition The Divine Comedy curated by Simon Njami, which first opened in 2014 at the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt, Germany, and was showed in 2015 in the USA, at the SCAD Museum, Savannah, and at the Smithsonian, Washington DC. 

With his Nar(t)seesick work, he joined in 2015 the AtWork Notebook Collection, an itinerant and digital project directed by Lettera27, Milan based Moleskine Foundation. He also presented his « Yola Fever » series at Also Known As Africa (AKAA), a new Parisian art fair dedicated to Contemporary Art originated from Africa Two series, Nemesis and Yola Fever were presented in Dakar Biennial and the Biennial Off, in 2016. Paris, March 2017 is a major moment in his career as Franck will simultaneously participate to Art Paris-Art Fair in Le Grand Palais and Africa Capital (one of Simon Njami’s greatest show) in La Villette. In May 2017, he was awarded the Darkart Biennial UEMOA prize for his  « Chinafricanism » series. In 2018, Franck was part of the exhibition “African Metropolis. An Imaginary City at the MAXXI museum in Rome, Italy and presented his work « MyNightAreBrighterThanYourDays ».  


Charles Bhebe (ZIMBABWE)


My interests are around the 'life balance' relationship with mother earth and its species. I aim to engage the source of the problems and solutions around our planets well being.I would like to look at the aspects of ́life balance ́ within our eco- system considering the balance and imbalances to mother earth and it is this relationship which makes or brakes the balance . 

́A TRIBUTE TO THE ETERNAL EARTH ́ aims to present a visual cohesion to the balance issue. Mother earth as a pivot in a scale where two elements are either balancing the scale or putting the imbalance. The idea is to show the impact of an imbalanced relationship, a repulsion from ́mother earth ́ contributing to global warming and natural disasters we endure due to this man made imbalance. 

The idea is to solidify the understanding of this balance which works in cycles of sustainability and the relation to Death sustaining life. Life can only be sustained by the cycle of death with life, a good example is natures seasonal cycles. Africa is the blue print on how to live with mother earth in harmony with her seasonal cycles. Africa is characterized by gods that are dedicated to individual nature balance elements. These gods of balance are personified with human virtues and give clear guidance on how to exist with nature. Ceremonial celebrations mark prominent epochs in nature where seasons end and begin and where mother nature revolts against improper practices.. Ancient cultures lived with clear understanding of co-existence with mother

earth ,something which we have lost or are in danger of loosing causing the imbalance with mother earth’s cycle , hence we have contributed to the imbalance we experience now in the 21st century. 

We are disturbing that balance which requires us to live within the spheres of a balanced scale , we have ignored the DNA of life sustained by death , old vegetation dies to make way for the

new , grasslands burn so that the new lush vegetation can grow , but because we have become the dominant species we have forged these new ways to extend and advance our existence regardless of that balance . Surely we have advanced in the artificial intelligence and built the best suitable conditions for us to exist but what about the balance to mother earth? Are we balancing the scale ? 

The installation should question that relation to our mother earth ́ life balance, making us question our relation as human beings to nature, giving us a clear warning to preserve the balance for the eternal earth. 

Charles Bhebe Bulawayo 2018


Gigi Caciuleanu (FRANCE)

Born in Romania Gigi Căciuleanu is known worldwide for his career in dancing and choreography. He performed in the companies of Pina Bausch and Maya Plisetskaya, was appointed Knight of the Order of the Star of Romania, decorated by the French state as Chevalier des Arts et Lettres, and in 2012 was awarded the title of professor honoris causa of the University of Arts in Târgu-Mureş. However, his teacher, Miriam Răducanu remains his most powerful influence, his absolute master, having taught him to envision and design dance. With a record number of over 300 staged shows, Gigi Căciuleanu continues to create and teach.

“The dance I love, the Dance, as I understand it, is, above all, a mental construction. Not only the brain, but also the soul .

An energetic and emotional organization, born of an irrational (or perhaps rather supra-rational?) spark more related to the spiritual. And this, even before it becomes a purely corporeal embodiment. Internal vision before visual exteriorization.

Pure metaphor projected from the mysterious inner chaos to the outer dimensions. The known, the unknown yet or the ones that no one will ever know …"


Jan Eugen (ROUMANIE)

Né en Roumanie, Jan Eugen est un artiste contemporain connu pour ses larges peintures inspirées par la réalité contemporaine, vue a travers son imagination prolifique. Diplômé de l'Institut de Beaux Arts de Bucarest, il a eu plus de 50 expositions personnelles et de groupe, en Roumanie et à l'étranger. Patiné à l'intemporalité ses œuvres semblent des métaphores graphiques sur la scène allégorique du monde.


Sean Flynn (USA)

Sean Flynn is a film director and fine art photographer, he is the son of actress Jane Seymour. His works are exhibited in prestigious galleries worldwide.


Jean-Marie Haessle (USA)

Jean-Marie Haessle has been working in New York since 1967, and quickly emerged as a distinctive voice amid the cerebral formalism of the Modernists. Haessle’s appreciation for Color Field composition melded his romantic hand with an expository rigor, a combination that quickly set him apart from his contemporaries. Never a slave to style, Haessle has explored the communicative possibilities of gesture in many iterations over the course of his career, and his ‘70’s geometric abstractions are no exception. Throughout the evolution of his practice, Haessle’s investment in constructing edgeless immersions through mark-making has remained steadfast; his interventions, whether patterned or free-form, achieve harmony in agglomeration, creating thresholds through chromatically anchored deployments of instinct. In turns meditative and defiant, Haessle’s iconic works are love letters to process itself.

Haessle was born in 1939 in Alsace, France. During an adolescent bout of illness, he discovered a book of paintings by Van Gogh, and resolved to become an artist. Following a stint in the military, he spent some time in Paris before moving to New York City, where he is still based today. Haessle has shown in high-profile venues all over the world, including the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Ridgefield, Connecticut, the Korea University Art Museum in Seoul, Korea, The Taiwan Museum in Taipei, Gallery One in Tokyo, Japan, the Bussan Museum of Art in Korea, Gallerie Jade in Colmar, France, and Kips Gallery in New York City. His work has been profiled by critics Jonathan Goodman, Robert C. Morgan, David Shapiro and Bernard Zurcher (French art historian/critic) among others.

[From Arcrainbowmag #4 Interview]


Mohamed Nih-Ceko Nihckasson Diabate (CÔTE D'IVOIRE)

Baccalauréat technique de gestion et informatique / Baccalauréat mathématiques-philosophie-lettres / Certificat d’Etudes Artistiques Générales /Cours de Psychologie Générale-de Psychosociologie-de Relations Publiques.

Arts Plastiques et Visuels-Ecriture-Développement Durable-Humanitaire

Lauréat « Prix Artefact 1997 » grand marché d’art contemporain d’Abidjan.

Rencontres et expositions à l'international : France, États-Unis d'Amérique, Sénégal, Belgique, Espagne, Kenya, Allemagne, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire.


Pari Ravan (FRANCE/IRAN)

PARI RAVAN was born in Abadan Iran. She studied at the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Téhéran (Iran) and  the School for artists (Kunstgewerbeschule) at Mayence, Germany.

 She has more then 200 international exihibtions and 20 Art prizes in the US, Japan, China, Iran, Germany and France. In 2017 she exhibited at Landesmuseum Vaduz Liechtenstein and Grand Hotel Quellenhof Bad Ragaz.

As a painter of reflections on human feeling, PARI RAVAN says: “we hold ourselves for much too important. The universe is just much too big for that”.

[From Arcrainbowmag #2]


Ilinca Šeda (ROUMANIE)

Ilinca Šeda is currently working as a CG artist & Illustrator in Bucharest. She started drawing in early childhood and later on studied at The National University of Arts in Bucharest and Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Étienne. Ever since she has been working in the fields of animation, illustration, 3d sculpting and advertising.


Jane Seymour (USA)

British born, Jane Seymour, most famous for her long lasting and successful acting career, has evolved into a present day renaissance woman. In addition to writing, producing, fashion designing and charity work, Seymour has become an accomplished artist. Born in 1951, the daughter of a British obstetrician and Dutch mother, Seymour trained for a career in ballet which was cut short by an injury. Instead, she pursued acting, moved to the United States, began landing parts, and her career blossomed. She has won numerous awards and recognition for her acting, appearing in such productions as "Somewhere in Time", "Live and Let Die" and of course "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", among many others. She has earned an Emmy Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. In 2014 she was the President of the Jury at the 54th edition of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Jane Seymour started the Open Hearts Foundation, with the mission to help empower people to transform adversity into an opportunity to serve others. Seymour finds sanctuary and peace in her art studio. A lover of culture and nature, she has created exceptional oil paintings, watercolors and limited editions.



A Creative “Touche-à-tout“/ Une créative touche-à-tout

Born in Johannesburg Stasha moved to London with her family when she was seven. Her personal exhibitions “Reaction” and “Soft”, both held at The Gallery in Cork Street, London and in 2012 the exhibition entitled “Colour” at Imitate Modern Gallery were a great succes. In November 2010, she published “How to feed a man”, a cookbook that combines recipes with comments about kitchen essentials and ingredients, and also includesillustrations and her poetry.

Stasha employs her trademark technique of “freestyle painting” without the use of conventional brushes, working with acrylic paints and water on canvas; using the floor, rather than an easel: “Only very rarely do I use an actual brush. I like to use my hands. I like to feel the paint, use my fingers, my weight. I do not have the patience to sit still with a brush. What I see comes out far too quickly....”

We had the pleasure to work with Stasha for the exhibitions/events Arternativelight "Passion / Ocean" in 2013 at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and "21 Artists for the XXI century” in 2014 at the Chapiteau de  Fontvieille in Monaco. It is for this show that the artist presented for the first time, her unique hand-painted furniture.

[From Arcrainbowmag #0 Interview]