02. mars 2016
Sundance 2016 - The year of the documentary Art, Technology, Storytelling “It will always be important for people to go into a movie house, in the dark, collectively, and see a movie on a big screen” Robert Redford - day one press conference. Setting the tone for this year edition, our host, the President of the Sundance Institute and the creator of the Sundance Film Festival, welcomed us again in Park City for the 10 days of one of the most anticipated edition. This year 123 feature-length...

14. février 2015
Our “coup de cœur”: Sibylle Szaggars Redford - filmmaker and director - her first contact with the magic of the stage and screen It all started in 2011 for a first art project: watercolors created under the monsoon rain in New Mexico. But, the large-scale works on silk will better represent the symbiosis between the explosion of colors and the drops of rain. The artist waits for the rain to be included in the creation of the work. It becomes a ritual that binds the true nature of art and...

12. février 2015
Celebrating its 31st anniversary, Sundance is now among the largest film festivals in the country and in the world, with some 50,000 attendees. However, it looked very different when it began more than three decades ago. "The first year, there were maybe 150 people that showed up. We had one theater, maybe 10 documentaries and 20 films, and now it’s grown to the point where it’s kind of like a wild horse” Robert Reford, the creator of the event said. He also reaffirmed the necessity to...

23. septembre 2014
By Celina Lafuente de Lavotha September 23, 2014

20. août 2011
"ARTERNATIVELIGHT" propose de faire découvrir au public les « jardins secrets » d’artistes qui explorent et se passionnent pour d’autres univers, que ceux de leurs domaines de création habituels. Au-delà d’exposer des oeuvres d’art, ce projet a pour but de réunir des talents venus de différents horizons, de présenter des travaux dont certains jamais exposés, de dévoiler des passions cachées dans l’ombre de leur activité première.